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how you can
help cooper

If you’d like to help with Cooper’s ongoing therapy goals, he will make you super proud with his determination and effort.


Your generous support will make a huge difference to Cooper’s future abilities.

To give directly and ensure 100% of your donation reaches Cooper, you can send to:

Account Name: Kyrsten Greenwood in Trust for Cooper Greenwood

BSB: Westpac 032-010

Account Number: 308208


Or link below to go to Cooper's GoFundMe page where you can also make a donation.

warmest thanks for the following donations

Anonymous               $15

Hongxia Xu               $200      "Best wishes Cooper"

Anonymous               $50

Jason Flanaghan       $42.19

Annette Rodaugha     $100     "For Cooper"

Anonymous                $30

Qianqing Wang          $1000    "Best wishes for                     & Sara Su                                 Cooper!"

Ying Chu                     $200     "Super Cooper love                                                                YC"

Tony & Nicole Zhao    $600

Julie Burling                $60

Pan Xu                        $1000    "Best wishes"

Mao Tian                     $30

Anonymous                 $20
Xuan Chen                  $240     "Best wishes"

Yuan Gao                    $100     "Never give up"

Anonymous                 $200

Wei Xie                        $50

Mary Bluett                  $400      "Go Super Cooper"

Flora Cui                      $100      "Best wishes"

Suja Chalasani            $50        "Best wishes"

Annette Rodaugha      $150      "Go Cooper!"

Anonymous         $200

Robert Yaghldjian $20

Helen Bluett          $100

Chin Chin Chiu     $1000   "God bless"

Hokky 888            $200      "May God bless"

Mark Bailey          $100      "Best wishes"

Anonymous          $25

Anonymous          $50

Emilia Chechelski $200

Anonymous           $25

Fiona Morris          $50       "xx"

Rob Egger            $50

Anonymous           $25

Cameron Rowley  $50

Anthony Sukkar    $250

Anonymous          $500      

Jane Du                $500      "All the very best to the                                                   gorgeous brave Super                                                   Cooper! And wish the                                                   whole family the very                                                     best!"

Ben Cai                 $100

Rob Lu                  $150      "Go Cooper! You are                                                      not fighting alone!"

Yu Wang                $100

Kamel Saxena       $100

Charles Waddy      $150     "Happy to help Super                                                      Cooper"

Christine F Hugo    $100

Anonymous            $200        

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