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And I have AGS


But I'm kicking its butt every day!

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Cooper thanks you for any assistance you can give to help him reach his goals. Any donations will go directly towards his therapy.

the rarest of super heroes

One of just 20 known cases worldwide with the rare neurological condition, Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome #7, Cooper is a diamond in the rough for many reasons other than his different IF1H gene.

For Superman it was kryptonite; for Cooper it is interferon. And it sparked the degenerative disease at 8 months of age, resulting in motor and speech setbacks. But Cooper is a fighter, a determined little soul with a heart of gold and a smile that will lift the darkest of moods. If he can stay strong through all that life throws at him, then so can we all.

#supercooper #onacrusade #AGStrooper #nevergiveup



For Cooper to continue to make progress, he undergoes weekly therapies to aid his gross motor, fine motor, speech and cognitive development. He has also experienced great success through intensive therapy programs. Our events endeavour to raise money so Cooper can continue to access these expensive, but life-changing programs.

#onacrusade #nevergiveup


Cooper works extremely hard every day - it might be disguised as play, but his almost daily therapy sessions work towards many goals. Right now, he is building his core stability to help with transfers, strengthening his arms for crawling, his legs for walking, his vocabulary for learning, communication abilities and motor planning for wheelchair driving, He is improving all the time and eager to get as prepared as possible to start big school in 2019.

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